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Your Coaching Service for All Things Parenting

Because kids don’t come with an instruction manual.

We understand that parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. That's why we're here to provide online support and guidance for all your parenting needs. From potty training and sleep struggles to getting ready for a new baby's arrival, setting up the perfect nursery, managing sibling rivalry, and supporting single parents, we cover every aspect of the parenting journey. No matter the struggle you face, we are here to support you every step of the way.


Parenting – Minus the Rookie Mistakes

We know that becoming a parent for the first time can feel overwhelming. That's why we focus on addressing the most common issues that new parents face, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to navigate this new chapter. Statistics show that up to 80% of new parents struggle with sleep deprivation, while 60% have concerns around potty training. With individualized guidance and evidence-based strategies, we're here to alleviate your concerns and provide practical solutions tailored to your family's unique needs. These are the benefits of working with us.

Expert Guidance for Confident Decisions

Our program offers expert guidance to navigate the complexities of parenthood, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. Step into parenthood with the knowledge and support you need to thrive.

Enhanced Confidence in Your Parenting Journey

Feel confident and empowered on your parenting journey with our program. Gain the skills and insight to embrace parenthood with a newfound sense of certainty and self-assurance.

A Proactive Approach to Your Family Well-being

Leverage our program's proactive approach to enhance your family's well-being. By taking affirmative steps, you'll create a nurturing and harmonious environment for your family to flourish.

Explore Personalized Parenting Programs Designed for Your Peace of Mind

Benefit from Parenting Techniques Used Successfully in 400+ Homes Worldwide

As a dedicated nanny and newborn care specialist, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every family so that you can become the very best parent you can be.

Temmuz Arslan

"I am absolutely thrilled with the results Shantelle achieved in helping my 9-month-old with sleep training. My baby is now sleeping through the night, and I couldn't be happier! She is a true expert in her field, combining knowledge and compassion to create a tailored plan that works. If you're a parent in need of sleep training or infant care assistance, I highly recommend her. She's a game changer!"

Meet Shantelle

Your Parenting Coach for the First 10 Years of Your Child’s Life.

I’m a passionate woman centered on empowering parents to confidently guide and nurture their little ones. It's about parenting the parent, enabling them to build a strong and nurturing foundation for their child's growth and development. 

My unique approach is designed to set new parents up for success before their baby arrives, creating a plan tailored to your family's needs, ensuring a smoother transition into parenthood.

I am dedicated to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for you on your parenthood journey. Whether it's addressing concerns before they escalate or providing ongoing guidance, my goal is to nurture and empower you, creating a lasting impact on your family's well-being.


1-on-1 Parent Coaching that Leads with Love and Logic

Diversity is at the core of our approach. With a deep honor of working with a wide range of cultures, our programs are thoughtfully crafted to embrace and respect all ethnicities. I have journeyed far and wide, offering holistic support to families worldwide. From newborns to teenagers, from twins to quadruplets, and children with special needs or ADHD, my experience spans a wide spectrum, ensuring the care they deserve.

A Cheerleader in Your Parenting Journey

I am deeply passionate about working with parents, helping them see the whole picture and navigate the ups and downs of parenthood with confidence. My gift lies in being patient, understanding, and a dedicated cheerleader for my clients. Together, we will uncover the joys of parenting and overcome challenges, creating a nurturing environment where both you and your child can thrive.

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